Welcome to the Australian Miniature Aerosports Society Inc  Incident/Occurrence Management System which enables online reporting of accidents, defects, hazards and confidential complaints. For further information on the reports please phone the society or email

Open and fair reporting philosophy

Intermittent human and mechanical failures culminating in safety incidents occur from time to time. Collecting information on incidents and where necessary analysing causes allows problems to be identified which, when resolved, can prevent future errors and incidents.

To support occurrence reporting, it is vital to have an effective data collecting system and, in addition, an open and fair culture where those who report are supported. Research has revealed that where this culture has been introduced, large numbers of incidents are identified and solutions implemented that improve the safety outcomes for the whole organisation can be achieved.

AMAS Inc operates an open and fair reporting culture and believe that education there of provides better outcomes.

Please report all occurrences. We can all learn from your experiences.

Report a confidential complaint

Anyone can report a safety concern confidentially to the Australian Miniature Aerosports Society. Using our complaints management system we will address reportable safety concerns.

Report from public to CASA: Unsafe drone/model aircraft operation.

Report from public to AMAS Inc: Incident-Occurrence 

Report society member: Unsafe drone/model aircraft operation.

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What's new?
The AMAS Inc great photo competition commencing January 2020.

Monthly prizes to be one with a grand prize of $1000 to be paid in December 2020.

Check under our "information" tab above and click on "news" for more info, but here are the rules:

You must be registered and financial for the period of the competition with an email address for us to communicate with you and juniors must have their parents permission to publish photos of themselves.
Each month will have a different theme and only one photo can be sent, with the winner being announced on the 5th of each month. The theme for January will be "Xmas" so have those cameras ready on Xmas day or at the field Xmas break up, family, friends and fun is what the judges will be looking for.
You can enter each month, but only if you have been unsuccessful in previous months during the promotional period and the judges decision will be final.Entries for January close 31st December 2019.

Send all entries to with brief comments about where your photo was taken and any other relevant information.