Society Membership Application

June 2024

THIS REGISTRATION PERIOD IS FOR 12 MONTHS.*(New members registering in June will enjoy immediate membership products value commencing on receipt of payment Eg: 13 months!).


12 Month membership fee (includes Public Liability and Accident - Injury Insurance)(13 months for new members) apply from the 1st June 2024, immediately for new members on registration and will expire on the 30th June 2025. Membership type payment can be made by Credit Card or Bpay.

**For a junior(under 18 years) to apply for membership, a parent/guardian must be the primary contact.

To contact the AMAS Inc Secretary, use either email: , or by phone: 0417879416. To contact any committee member refer contacts page.
Note: Club association liability insurance (Via the Online Shop) is for a Club/entity that is an Incorporated Association requiring Association Liability Insurance, not an individual, with the AMAS Inc. The application for club association liability insurance also requires details for the President, Secretary, Treasurer and any such committee persons and also the certificate of Incorporation.
An overview of the registration(application) process entails the following:
1. Submit your email address.
2. Fill out Primary Contact details.(where society communications are sent).

3. Tick the "Add the Primary Contact as the member" tick box.

4. Complete the member details. (One or multiple member details can be entered).
5. Review the Online Shop. (then proceed to Checkout).
6. Review all details, read, understand then acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
7. The payment options will become active.
Note: Membership is ratified (being accepted to the society or not) at each monthly management meeting regardless of payment status.

To apply for membership, 'click' the "Register Now" button:

Please use the following link to commence a new membership application:

Membership is ratified(either accepted or not) by the AMAS Inc committee  at the society monthly meetings.

 (This is a condition  within the AMAS Inc Constitution).

(As per the society constitution, chapter 7 and 10, all applicants, including previous members who have not renewed before July 1st, are required to complete the application form).

For new members transferring ratings from other associations, please provide a scan,photo or copy of the rating and send to the society Secretary to be recorded and member Ecard updated and resent.( Its that easy!)

From the Control Line Aeromodellers of Brisbane Inc:



Need an 'app' to review your membership details, financial history, ratings and endorsements. You can even use the app to indicate your membership status to visiting clubs etc.

Try login box:

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