Flying Competions

This page provides the reader with information and resources if he or she would like to conduct a flying competition with their family, friends, flying colleagues and others. Skill, knowledge and experience are all factors in competitions with the following information providing for all levels of participation. Remembering this is about fun and competition which is part of the AMAS Inc ethos meaning anyone can be part of the aeromodelling fun and not the select few!
Don't be doubtful or fooled into thinking you need to part of other organisations worldly or otherwise. Simply choose, organise and enjoy!
( always conduct appropriate hazard ID and risk mitigation whilst enjoying the hobby).

Fun Flys

So what exactly is Fun-Fly? At club/group/individuals level, it can be pretty much anything!  Here's some ideas: 

For fixed wing power:

1.Longest Glide: The pilot has 20 seconds from wheels off to gain height before attempting to glide (engine off)for as long as possible, with a 10% bonus available for landing in the square.  

2. Limbo: What it says – 2 minutes to do as many passes under the limbo streamer as possible.

3.Touch & Go's The aim is to do as many touch & go's inside 2 minutes within the marked square(as determined by the group) as possible.

4. Combinations: Of the above.

For helicopters:

1. Leap pad (hover/landing) 2 or 3 pads 1/2 mtr diameter. Timed event. Score is number of pads successful landings in allotted time . 2 min.

2. Bottle-ball knock off (hovering) Three drink bottles with one large, one medium and one small ball (eg: golf ball) placed on top of the bottles. Knock balls off of bottles with tipping bottles. Timed event, 2 min.

3. Bottle-Ring pick up (hovering) Similar to Bottle ball. Three rings, 15 cm, 10 cm and 5 cm clipped to the bottles with cloths pins . Hook rings with skids without tipping bottles. Timed event 2 min.

4. Pyramid transport (hover/low flight) Transport pyramids from one area to another 20 feet away. Catch pyramid hook with skid. Repeat as many as possible. Timed event 2 min.

5. Pylon figure-8 (Low flight) Figure 8’s around 2 vertical sticks (foam or balsa) 5 mtrs apart. Time starts when heli crosses the 2 poles. Repeat as many as possible. Timed event 2min.

6. Tower rescue (hover/low flight) Retrieve pyramids with skids from elevated platform (inverted bucket etc) deposit pyramids 10 mtrs away on ground. Repeat as many as possible. Timed event, 2 min.

7. Tower Bottle tip over (hover/low flight) Tip over 1/3 full plastic drinking bottles. After each tip-over. Return to start position 5 mtrs  away. An immediately repeat as many times as possible. Timed event 2 min.

8. Drag race course (launch /low flight) navigate a straight line course 

9. Stationary hover,1/2 mtr circle, hover over 1/2 mtr diameter circle for 2 min.

For gliders:

1. Radian Gliders: Climb for the permitted time (typically engine run 15 – 20 seconds). Engine off and now try to soar the model for a total flight time of at least 5 minutes. Your raw score is the number of seconds that the model flies for, up to a maximum of 300 points. Now land the aircraft somewhere on the field before 7 minutes have expired.

2. Variation: Any agreed variations to the above.

For multirotors (drones):

1. See helicopter tasks and apply variations.

For control line:

1 Balloon Burst


2 Limbo stick( but ensure you use light materials for stick and poles ie foam)


3 Slow combat (2 pilots in same circle towing long crepe paper streamers)


4 Fun race, where 2  pilots have to attach propellor after start signal and complete 10 laps.

For FPV fixed wing aircraft combat:

1) Foam airframes

2) Maximum batt 3s 1300mah

3) Five minute combat session

4) At five minute mark all survivors go verticle, kill motor and do dead stick spot landing at an agreed upon spot.

5) Appropriate hazard ID and risk mitigation 

Small electric foam aircraft racing:

1) Have a look here.
For indoor flying:

1) Get a few mates together ,find a small hall and fly, Electric Round the Pole combat, hand and catapault launch balsa gliders, rubber powered models such as Hangar Rat with mass launches, and even small R/C models. You can even fly small light electric C/L models on short lines

Best of all not affected by weather!

For Free Flight:

 Find a small paddock some where and get permission to use from owner.



I) Balsa hand launch and catapault gliders mass launch , last one down the winner


2) Nominate a time that your model will fly for then have three flights with closest to nominated times being the winner


3) Free Flight(R/C assist) provides many opportunities to make up your own fun rules.


Many possibilities to get out and have fun in the outdoors! (Have a BBQ afterwards with your mates!)


There are many many types of competitions and variations there of. Having said that, there is much information freely available. It is a simple matter of accumulating a group of enthusiasts, choose a competition type and organise  some fun! Don't be doubtful or fooled into thinking you need to part of other organisations worldly or otherwise. Simply choose, organise and enjoy!

For example:

Special Interest Groups.

Coming soon!