APRIL 2024

APRIL 2024

Registration closes in 7 days

Event Dates

StartMonday 1 April 2024

FinishSunday 30 June 2024

Registration Dates

OpenMonday 1 April 2024

CloseTuesday 30 April 2024

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3 Month membership fee (includes Public Liability and Accident - Injury Insurance) apply from the 1st April 2024 and will expire on the 30th June 2024. Membership type payment can be made by Credit Card or Bpay.

**For a junior(under 18 years) to apply for membership, a parent/guardian must be the primary contact.

To contact the AMAS Inc Secretary, use either email: amassecretary@gmail.com , secretary@amas.org.au or by phone: 0417879416. To contact any committee member refer contacts page.
Note: Club association liability insurance (Via the Online Shop) is for a Club/entity that is an Incorporated Association requiring Association Liability Insurance, not an individual, with the AMAS Inc. The application for club association liability insurance also requires details for the President, Secretary, Treasurer and any such committee persons and also the certificate of Incorporation.
An overview of the registration(application) process entails the following:
1. Submit your email address.
2. Fill out Primary Contact details.(where society communications are sent).
3. Fill out Member details. (One or multiple member details can be entered).
4. Review the Online Shop. (then proceed to Checkout).
5. Review all details, read, understand then acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
6. The payment options will become active.
Note: Membership is ratified (being accepted to the society or not) at each monthly management meeting regardless of payment status.

To apply for membership, 'click' the "Register Now" button:


    • 30 Senior Membership
    • 10 Junior Membership

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay

Terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    (1) By making this application for membership of the AMAS Inc I understand, acknowledge and agree:
    (a) I will comply with all relevant Australian Law(s) including, but not limited to, CASR Part 101 and any Commonwealth, State or Local laws.
    (b) I will comply with any land owner specific conditions, requests and written permissions.
    (c) I will inform the Society of any previous claims or incidents that I may have made, that may arise to a future claim and any claims that I may have or be involved with.
    (d) I will comply with the AMAS Constitution, By-Laws, Safety Code, Risk Management and any other committee approved policies, procedures and/or standards, as amended from time to time and I understand that these are available on the AMAS Inc webpage at www.amas.org.au
    (e) That my application will be considered by the Management Committee of the AMAS Inc in accordance with the AMAS Inc Constitution and;
    (i) that upon acceptance as a member of the Society, a membership 'E Card', including a welcome letter will be sent to me; or
    (ii) a refund will apply if my application is not accepted.
    (f) That the AMAS Inc carries insurance products including, but not limited to, Public Liability and other Insurance and I have read the information regarding insurance on the AMAS Inc webpage at www.amas.org.au
    (2) I understand I can access Civil Aviation Safety Legislation and Regulation at www.casa.gov.au and www.comlaw.gov.au
    (3) I understand I can access information on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems at www.casa.gov.au
    (4) I understand I can access the the ACMA LIPD Class Licence document at www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Spectrum/Radiocomms-licensing/Class-licences
    (5) I agree I have read, understand and will comply with these Terms and Conditions