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LATEST NEWS: Half yearly memberships now available from 1 January, 2014
Quarter yearly memberships now available from 1 April, 2014

April 2014

1/4 yearly membership fees apply from the 1st April 2014 to June 30th 2014. Eg: $19 for adult, $10 for junior and $12 for club affiliation. ($2 fee applies to all online credit card and Bpay transactions).

For those members wishing to bank transfer or use cheque standard 1/4 yearly member fees apply. Eg: $17 adult, $8 junior and $10 club affiliation.

12 monthly memberships will resume from the 1st July

AMAS postal address: PO BOX 9311 Wilsonton, Queensland. 4350

To contact the AMAS secretary, use either email: amassecretary@gmail.com or by phone: 0417879416

To apply for membership 'click' the "Register Now" button:

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The AMAS recently received a great idea from Sean Udal of Bundaberg Aero-modellers. Sean created a logo that can be posted on your website or flyers indicating your club is autonomous and your members have decided who they want to share their flight lines with. When you see this logo you'll know the club is Association Neutral and friendly to all.

There are now plenty of clubs around the country that allow dual membership and this is expected to continue to grow significantly into the 2014-2015 period

You can download the file by following this --LINK--


Students conducting aeromodelling activities at Shalom College Bundaberg:


Riverland Model Aero Club Event

The Australian Miniature Aerosports Society (AMAS) is a national aero-modeling organization run by aero-modelers for aero-modelers and clubs.
AMAS was formed to better cater to the needs of everyday aero-modelers by providing the services they need to take part in our great hobby and at an affordable price.
AMAS enables clubs to operate autonomously, providing their members, their committees and their volunteers with all the appropriate insurances required for their club to run as well as access to other great services (outlined below).
Modeled along the lines of the AMA in the US and the BMFA in the UK,  Australian aero-modelers and clubs may now obtain direct membership to a national association and do not need to join a State association to access or enjoy full member benefits.
We offer….
  • Direct membership to a national society where your vote counts
  • Comprehensive insurances for members and clubs
  • A flying competency (wings) program
  • Instructor’s courses for our clubs
  • Affordable membership from just $33.00* for juniors and $66.00* for seniors
  • Club affiliation for just $10.00*
  • * Conditions apply on PayPal and Bpay payment methods.
  • (* Please note that online payment using Bpay or Credit Card will incur a Paypal fee of $2.00)
So what are you waiting for…come join us at AMAS and get up and fly!

And remember: "Safety is no accident".

Waikato Championships New Plymouth, New Zealand

The AMAS Vice President standing third from the right.


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